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How staying agile has helped H3 Dynamics successfully join the COVID-19 fight

How staying agile has helped H3 Dynamics successfully join the COVID-19 fight



From responding to crisis to adapting to a new normal, being agile and sensitive to the current situation has helped H3 Dynamics identify new opportunities which serve both the community as well as its business.

For the past 5 years, H3 Dynamics has been developing fully autonomous, contactless drone deployment systems (DBX) for both urban and non-urban professional use cases. During the onset of COVID-19 in Singapore, this commercial drone start-up saw the potential of Singapore’s rooftop system to be used as a point to point logistics network to support urgent blood sample delivery. It could also refrigerate its shelter systems to provide secure solutions for the medical world.

Noticing the surge in the usage of drones in Europe and China amidst the crisis, H3 Dynamics began adapting its rooftop drone deployment station to incorporate surveillance, disinfection and delivery capabilities. DBX is now used to support authorities in their fight against the pandemic, where COVID-19 measures have placed restrictions on people’s movement and physical contact, including drone delivery of medical goods, video analytics deployment to ensure safe-distancing and crowd management.

Multi-purpose function allows for quick implementation and tests

With no major modifications required to the already multi-purpose DBX drone in a box, H3 Dynamics was able to swiftly implement the plan by customising DBX with relevant live video analytics, loudspeaker and delivery package carrying capabilities.

Conducting of drone delivery tests which is typically a challenge in urban environments was also made possible with the stay at home notices. With the streets being effectively emptied, it made an ideal testing environment for urban air mobility systems.

The use of DBX post-COVID period

Once the infrastructure is set up on rooftops, the systems can be used as a shared service between different users, from fire departments to civil engineering firms, and also – to prepare for the next pandemic.

“Imagine if each neighbourhood has its rooftop disinfectant sprayer – when the next wave comes, we could imagine deploying all systems simultaneously to disinfect an entire city in minutes, as one of the immediate measures to combat the spread of a virus,” Harshavardhan Thakar, Business Development Manager of H3 Dynamics, shared.

“With inspections that could potentially be handled autonomously now, there would be almost no further need to travel to any location to conduct mission critical site or structural inspections. Instead, state-of-the-art command centers will emerge to manage such operations using our tele-robotics solutions, which can be pre-deployed at any location.”

Supporting the RCA-UMSA community

H3 Dynamics is supporting the RCA-UMSA community by offering negotiable prices for companies that are interested in DBX. If you are looking for similar solutions to help in your organisation’s effort towards post-COVID recovery, get in touch with us.

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