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Past Webinar Lineup

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eVtol megawatt charging connecting cities by smart vertiports

Date of Session: 4th February 2021

eVTOL is poised to take off – but is the necessary infrastructure in place? This webinar discuss the challenges and opportunities in the implementation of a standardised charging solution for the eVTOL industry.


Will drones be the game changer for facilities management?

Date of Session: 22nd April 2021

Drones bring incredible opportunities for improved efficiency in facility management. However, evolving regulations governing the use of drones have slowed the adoption of drone technology in commercial applications. What role do drones play in the future of facilities management?


From the front runners on eVTOL & urban air mobility: Countdown to launch

Date of Session: 27th July 2021

While societies increasingly look towards Urban Air Mobility (UAM) as a much-needed alternative to help overcome urban challenges and transform mobility, how close actually are we to launching UAM?

In this webinar, join industry experts as they deep-dive into the question: Is the world ready for UAM?


Drone industry and market trends – Use cases and market values

Date of Session: 28th July 2021

With the rapid growth of drone industry, how has the variety of drone applications changed in numbers per application, payload, industry and method? How has COVID-19 impacted the global drone business? Tune in to this session to hear insights on these topics and more about the global drone industry.


Unmanned Systems From The Skies to the Seas

Date of Session: 29th July 2021

This webinar explores the advances in intelligent autonomous unmanned systems as well as ways in which unmanned systems is shaped by naval developments.

What does the future hold as unmanned systems revolutionise warfare and our society? Join our experts to discuss the developments and opportunities ahead.


Inertial+GNSS: Evolving navigation technologies to meet new UAV challenges

Date of Session: 1st September 2021

This webinar reviews some UAV challenges such as urban air mobility, building inspection etc. It also discusses how inertial technology combined with GNSS has evolved to meet these challenges, and explains how these technologies work and their applications such as navigation, pointing, acquisition, and more.


3D Printing: The ultimate support in military and defence industry

Date of Session: 23 March 2022

Innovation is key for military and defence - be it in air, land, or sea - boundaries are constantly being pushed with technology advancements like 3D printing. 3D printing helps promote military readiness, shorten supply chains, cut costs, and accelerate innovation under a unified strategy.